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Xtremeflow Motorsports H2 Hummer Performance

xtreme h2
05-20-2003, 08:29 PM
Lots of after market products out there to choose from. What a lot of people don't know about the products that are out there is that too many companies saw what they felt to be this decade's "Viper". This is a vehicle that can show status in the community, a fail amount of wealth, or just having the latest/greatest new toy on the block. Most companies were not prepared for this and the end result was a quick rush to come up with aftermarket accessories. I have been an engineer and in the performance industry for over twenty years. The Hummer has always been such a unique vehicle to me. I have been lucky enough to work with all the top names in the automotive industry allowing me to work and design products for such companies as GM, Whipple Industries, Full throttle Suspensions Inc. and countless more well known companies.

When the new H2 was released I wanted to be the first for every conceivable aftermarket performance product and do it right. My H2 was bought prior to its release to the public and for good reason, I wasn't going to be just another company that took an existing parts and retrofit it ,I wanted every part make to be H2 and H2 only. Being a muffler company primarily I wanted to design a muffler that would do what NO other muffler would do. My muffler would be designed to create low and mid range performance as well as your obvious high end power. This is something that no other muffler would do; reasons (1) all aftermarket mufflers are straight through design including Borla,Corsa,Magnaflow,B&B,Breathless,Evol, the list goes on and on. A 6.0L and an 8.1L engine are TORQUE engines they MUST have Adequate back pressure to create off the line torque as well as passing power. The listed mufflers and there counterparts are all strait through design with packing to absorb sound( Mufflers with packing should never be used in conjunction with a catalyzed system (catalytic converters) the packing will burn out and the muffler is no longer strait through-the scavenging that was being created by the straight through design is now gone as the exhaust gases are traveling in and out of the perforations causing turbulance,this slows the exhaust flow as well as the tone of the vehicle. In designing this muffler I used 22 different configurations to gain the best performance ,fuel economy and torque at the same time tuning the exhaust to have a deep aggressive tone that WOULD NOT translate into interior drone or vibrations.
It is important to note that The Xtremeflow Muffler IS NOT A RETROFIT ,i spent $73,434.00 to buy a vehicle for the soul purpose of designing the ultimate muffler for it ,as we have over 1100 hours in design,dyno testing and road testing to come up with a final product. All the mufflers I have listed are ALL retrofit muffler that companies have taken of the shelf and simply make new tubing to connect to an existing prouct,that is the reason my muffler offers such impressive all aspect mentioned. I would like to say that all the muffler I have listed are by far HIGH QUALITY mufflers and are both well constructed and well respected in the performance industry, but each muffler is designed for a certain vehicle and can not just make the cross over by adding a little tubbing.The H2 is a full time 4x4 vehicle 40/60 drive train and requires special consideration when designing and aftermarket performance product.
After the realease of my muffler I recieved alot of intrest and was asked to become the prototype for many of the aftermarket products you may be seing today. My hummer was the Worlds FIRST supercharged H2 as it was the prototype for the Whipple supercharger (this was the hummer all the kits are now based off of)and incase any of you may think it wa sMagna or GM that had the first supercharged H2 Hummer you were missinformed. In Nov 2002 at the SEMA show there were (3) supercharged H2 Hummers 1-GM (towed in just for show as this was just a bolt on and a concept for the consumer to view) 2- SMA ( Twowed in and only running 2lbs of boost as the were unable to figure out the "torque managemant system"(this is what retards your timming and can cause detenation if not programmed properly) 3- Xtremeflow's H2 DRIVEN 700 miles to the show running 525 HP @8.1 lbs of boost .By the way we challanged all the H2 's to run the 1/4 mile after the show,no takers!
Sense SEMA our my H2 has been the first to recieve Flash Programming, this is the programming which Remove torque management for increased low speed torque
Firmer full-throttle gear changes for faster acceleration (automatic transmissions)
Recalibrate speedometer and odometer readings with non-stock tire sizes and/or non-stock rear-end gear ratios
Allows the vehicle's top speed to be matched to the speed rating of factory approved high-performance tires
Will also Work with Supercharger equipped engines.Again the prototype for true H2 products.
We are now sponsored by and working with what we conciter to be the for most experts in the performance industery including GM, ProComp,Weld Racing,Mechanix Gear, Street & Performance, Granatelli Motorsports,Boyd,MIcky Tompson,Full Throttle Suspensions, Whipple Industeries, JBA Headers, GO Rhino, Automotive Speciality's Magazine,Warn Winches,Preditor Motorsports,S & B filters and many more.
We are featured articles in such magazines as Truckin, Automotive Specialtys,Off Road, Outdoor adventures,Sport Truck, and Four Wheeler.

Please take a good look at our company any our intence drive to be at the top of our profession and bring you the best products that realy do wat we say they do.


:) http://www.h2performanceparts.com/index.htm
:) www.h2performanceparts.com (http://www.h2performanceparts.com)

05-22-2003, 12:40 PM
You have any lowering kit for the H2? I put a set of 24" wheels on my H2 but it looks terrible with the gap. I checked some different places and they told me they have no lowering kit for the air suspension for the H2 only the regular one ( without air sus. option ).