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Help, my H2 won’t start!

11-08-2020, 05:28 AM
hey guys just joined here for support on my 2004 H2.

I have a 2004 H2 (since '04 lol) it's in great condition, my daily. Recently I've been having start up issues over and over and can't figure out the source.

Car would start fine in the morning, 5 min drive to work. Once I'm out to leave work, car would crank but won't start. Just keeps cranking. GM here are asking for $$$ just to open a file.. so I usually take it to well-known GM mechanics, and still haven't found the right fix.

I've replaced the battery, spark plugs, got a new fuel pump, i think i've also replaced the starter motor 2 years ago.. still having the same issues a day or 2 later. Took it back to a mechanic and will be replacing the Alternator (2 yrs old), as he suggested, and will be looking into other issues that might be causing this. Still waiting to hear back..

any other suggestions to look at? is this common? Thanks a lot

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