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Speaker Locations Required

12-09-2005, 12:41 PM
I need to locate all the speakers for the hummer H2..

According to most web searches i have found, there are 9 speakers total...

4 are in the doors, 2 in the rear, those are obvious.. where are the other 3?

There are tweeters in the front pillars but they are part of the front door circuit so im unsure if they count as part of the total 9..

Reason being, I have a problem with a H2 over here in the UK, basically the original headunit fried when the owner left the sunroof open while it rained....

I have had to remove much of the original system and replaced it with a DVD system and screens etc..

Problem is, it sounds totally crap... just using the 4 door speakers.

We tried to incorporate the very rear speakers as well, and discovered they are 16 Ohm instead of 4 Ohm speakers, so they sound a lot quieter, and distort badly on high volume.

Is there a Subwoofer hidden somewhere as well?

Am gratefull to any advice you guys can offer...

Mark in UK.