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magnacharger sc questions

10-21-2004, 05:14 PM
i was wondering if anybody knows the size (diameter) of the standard pulley that comes with the magnacharger sc kit (on the front of the sc itself)? Also, what kind of boost levels are to be expected with that kit?

here is the reason for my st... question: a few days ago i found out that something has gone horribly wrong because now the engine has no compression. we are currently tearing it down to get it fixed (i hope it is just the headgasket; don't know yet...). as soon as that is done i will verify everything with the stock set-up and then i will put the kit back on.
i can not make sense out of it, that's why i wanted to make sure the right pulley is on and it is.
right now i am a little clueless... as you can see in an earlier post (magnacharger installation problems) i had trouble getting it to run from pretty much the get go.
normally i can read directions fairley well and the guys who put it on are professionals....does not make sense why the engine would let go...
ideas anybody?