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Bulb Burn Out On Dash?

10-16-2004, 11:57 AM
Hey Everyone! I have a quick and simple question (I hope). I have owned my 2003 H2 since May 2004 -- bought it one year used -- and have often wondered if the Rear Differential Lock button is supposed to light up on the dashboard at night. The other buttons (4 Hi, 4 Hi Locked, and 4 Lo) all light up. If I push the Rear Diff Lock button either during the day or at night, a little yellow LED will blink and this is normal, but the button itself is not lit up at night. Do I have a burnt out bulb, or is this button not supposed to be lit.

Thanks Everyone!!!


2003 White H2, every option, TV screens, back-up camera, remote start, light bar, tire carrier, etc.