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A/C Problems & backing up noises

07-14-2004, 09:36 PM
Yesterday was the 4th time that the a/c has stopped working. The pattern is the same. I run around for a while.. coming and going but by mid afternoon I start up the truck and the a/c is actually blowing HOT AIR!!! It's like the heater is on. Yesterday was 93 with no a/c UGH!!! When I went out this morning I started the a/c and it was working fine. Exactly the same thing that has happened the other three times. Of course I've spoke with the dealer and made appointments to have it check out, but when I get it there (85 miles away). There is no problem so they can't fix a problem they don't see. I've had the truck at the dealer 4 times for a noise that the truck likes to make when I'm backing up in my driveway (or any road or driveway that has a slight incline). There is a loud grinding, crunching noise when I back up on an incline. Of course when I get to the dealer and drive around with the service manager the truck does not make the noise. I've decided to video tape backing up our driveway and a friends driveway. I'm going to take our portable TV/VCR and play the darn thing and hopefully they will hear and be able to fix the problem. I'm wondering if anyone has had problems with their A/C freaking out on them. Also, I've noticed when the a/c is not working the air circulation button is lit even though the a/c is turned off. I turn the light out and within 30 seconds the circulation button pops back on. I drove the truck for 15 minutes this morning with the a/c off (it's working again) and the circulation button did not go on. I think I have a ghost in my truck or is it just the computer system going haywire. Any feedback will be helpful. :banghead

07-15-2004, 12:52 PM
Re-post your question at this forum:


Beg for help from Klaus, God of All Things Hummer. You should have your answer within a day or so.