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check your roof rack ends and rails

12-06-2003, 10:08 PM
didnt figure this went along with my inquiry on the OEM roof basket (hint hint - just checking for an echo <G>)

I remember reading a previous post about rattles where someone mentioned their roof cross braces being loose. Figured I'd have a look see. Results:

1) check your locking end caps - they fit tight from the factory so it may not be obvious, but in my case 1 of the caps thought it looked locked wasn't and could easily have fallen off over time. I played with it for quite some time before I got it to lock. each time I'd get it seated - lock the cylinder and then pull with my fingers and it would pop off. I cleaned some of the plastic mold debis off it and after a couple more times got it. but it still isn't perfect.
2) the two torx screws on the end of each cros rail (under the rubber top strip) were tight on the drivers side and at leat an eighth inch from seating on the rail on the passenger side - whomever mentioned it has found a possible common problem. I looked up the torque setting in the helms - think it was 44 in-lbs - but check with me if you need it - my manual is in the shop. The problem I had is there was no way to get a socket on the screws to use the torque wrench - I had to just use a long torq hex type key and hand tighten - it was only just started in its location. - 4 out of 8 screws were loose - way loose.

another item I noticed - and could not rectify - is that even after tightening the knurled knows on the racks at the arrow - the racks are still loose and can be wiggled back and fourth - that just doesn't seem right -
I'm curious if others are noticing this too.
Thanks to the host for this great place BTW.

12-08-2003, 08:50 PM

I checked the end caps and they appeared to be locked on okay but I'll pull a little on them to be sure they stay on.

I checked the torx head screws and all were tight except the set on the front passenger side. Loose as a goose. Cranked both of them down several turns to get them to tighten. This was a problem on another post where it turned out to be part of a noise issue. I've had the noise problem too so I'll check it out to see if it goes away the next time I'm at highway speeds.

And, finally, my rack end brackets wiggle back and forth even though they're very tight as well. Doesn't seem right to me either. Maybe Hummer will get enough complaints about this, if it proves to be a recall problem, and install a better design.

I wonder if anyone has had trouble with them wiggling when they have a roof mounted cargo carrier.

12-08-2003, 09:03 PM
I happen to have a high pitched vibration squeek up front but haven't been able to isolate the source. I don'tfeel its coming from up top though.
I haven't made a complaint to the dealer on the cross breace issue - though I also admit I['m afraid to let them work on it too.

I noticed I was able to get one side to seem pretty tight on one attempt - but 3 out of 4 are still wiggling quite excessively for no apparent reason. It didn't feel right then - and actually - now that you said it the way you did - I figure it would be an issue if someone got the roof top basket or worse - the light bar which uses the same style cross bar.:confused1

I appreciate the feedback though - I was starting to hear an echo when I spoke:jester

really though - I posted initially because I was just afraid of someone losing an end cap

12-08-2003, 11:24 PM
I posted a source of noise on this thread check it out:

mister usa
12-11-2003, 11:14 AM
Here's another suggestion. After the wife went into a underground garage to help a friend move into an apartment, she inadvertently twisted the rear roof rail, almost to a 45 deg angle. As a result, I've replaced the end rail brackets, etc. In the process of re attaching the rail to the brackets, (by removing the plastic strip to get at the screws) I found that the screw heads are just barely larger than the slot through which the rail is mounted to the bracket. I've added coated washers (a #8, or #10) to the screws to avoid damaging the slots and improving the holding force.:D

12-11-2003, 08:11 PM
I noticed the screw heads were kind of small for the slot size as well. If they work loose again I'll try some washers. Stainless, maybe?

45 degrees, huh? I bet you don't let your new wife drive it. ;)