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3rd seat questions

11-19-2003, 05:22 PM
1) On a non third seat spec'd H2 - are the attachments points still there to aquire the third seat seperately?

2) Can you obtain the OEM thrid seat from a dealer seperately?

The backup for the questions -
We have an orange 03 secured out of state - we are scheduled to pick it up Saturday. It did not have the 3rd seat and Sunroof which we want(ed).

The dealer there tells me he cant sell me the third seat (no reason).

Called H2 customer service and they didnt see why we couldn't get one but called the dealer and the parts person told them they cant sell to someone who didn't order it in the truck becasue there were parts not included that are necessary to install the seat. however they wanted us to confirm with someone else at GM who wasn't in.

I spoke with a friend who owns a Chevy dealership in yet another state and his parts dept just said they couldn't find a listing of the seat being sold as a whole unit through parts.

The in state dealer whom we wanted to do buisiness with (but no orange) said the attachment points are definately there and the seat can definately be had.

Thank you all for your indulgence

oh - and I suppose a last note - if anyone is considering selling their third seat feel free to drop me a line.

11-19-2003, 07:13 PM
You can definitely add a third row seat to your H2 and you don't need any other parts other than seat.
Here's a post from ebay for the seat and it also gives you the Hummer part number and list price.

11-19-2003, 07:36 PM
Thanks so much for the reply, the speed thereof and the ebay link - wouldn't have thought to look there - not ebay literate I guess.
It happens to be about 40 miles from where we're going to pickup the new H2 too - worth considering - I'm puzzeld though by their reference to the list price. When specing a vehicle to order the seat has a list of $500 and cost of $430 as I recall (spent many nights staring at the order list <G>)

The seller lists it with a list of $1470 ??? I haven't checked on it yet - but its quite a discrepancy. Unless I'm missing something - If I were paying that kind of $$ I'd be looking at the full length seat first.

Thanks so much

11-19-2003, 10:41 PM

I checked on the ebay link Mike sent and this seller is smoking something if he thinks that seat lists for $1470. You can get the full 3rd row aftermarket bench for less than that.

I got the factory single seat to which you are referring. It is around $400 to $550 from the dealer and it has all of it's hardware attached. I believe the truck comes with mounting brackets recessed in the floor for it and it goes in and comes out easily. I can't see them having a special rear floor pan and carpet with no slits cut in it just for a 'non third seat' vehicle. The only thing I don't like about it is it's heavy. But then I guess I'd rather it be heavy than lightweight with poor quality.

Maybe your dealer didn't realize you were talking about the factory single seat and thought you were referring to the aftermarket full bench. That one may have extra hardware.

Hope this helps.

11-19-2003, 11:23 PM
keszr1 & cnynro,
I agree on the list price but remember dealer parts always have a ridiculous list price. On my H2 I think it was about $500.00 when I purchased it. Keszr1 good luck on the H2 purchase and check out the seat.

11-20-2003, 04:35 AM
thank you all for the helpfull info and input.
I cantacted him via email and he insists that is list - I will check with the/a dealer today if I get a moment - having the part # helps since I've been told that it isn't availalbe as a whole unit too.

Cynro - actually - the selling dealer (for our H2) told me they can't get the OEM seat BUT they can provide the full seat (no mention that its aftermarket BTW) for the vehicle and it was more than the list price of the Ebay fellow (though I'd seen them a bit less). This also blows there arguement to GM directly that you can't put a seat in becasue parts aren't there yada yada - since I was told they aftermarket uses the same mounting points.

And I concur - it seemed illogical GM would have a different pan and carpet - but I thought I'd check here with the owners. I always figured thats why you got that rear mat when no seat was ordered - to hide the carpet holes ;)

11-20-2003, 10:35 AM
From the benefit of anyone that may have followed this thread or need the info I have found:

1)e'd a dealer friend who indicated that the part wasn't listed as availalbe but when you put the part number in - it does come up as a 5 day ship item and his wholesale $$ was 722. He also noted that he wasn't sure if the attach points were in a non seat H2 stating that in the Tahoe ordered w/o the third seat they are not there.

2) the dealer selling the vehicle said it is indeed a 430/500 (or so) when buying the car - but from parts it lists for 1400+ and he
said his cost was 900.

3) a few people here and our local state dealer said that the attach points are indeed present - I cannot confirm this at present.

Sooooo - the person with the ebay listing is not giving bad information with their indicated list price.

Thanks all again

11-24-2003, 05:03 PM
I am willing to sell my 3rd row seat. It is brand new - never used. If you are interested send me an email.

[email protected]

I know there are rules about advertising but I figured since I only have one it doesn't really count.

11-27-2003, 10:20 AM
Thank you for the offer. Sorry the timing didn't work out. I just returned from picking up the new beast and interestingly the ebay link was from a fellow in MI about 30 min from where we purchased the H2. This worked out- the seat was as represented so I thank everyone and this forumn for everything - we now have a third seat and just got in at 2:30AM this this morning.

06-04-2015, 06:49 PM
does anyone know if a 3rd row bench from like a suburban or Yukon XL fit in the back of an h2? Particularly in 03 h2?