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low oil pressuer problems

08-13-2003, 07:47 PM
my dad just got an H2 its only about a week old and has 1600 miles we just put and AEM intake on it today
and I went to go fill gas in it when it started it said low oil pressure and then the warning went away the gauge read fine for pressure so went filled gas then took it back to my dad
then hes leaving and going down the road oil pressure warning comes back and the things startes shaking really bad

anyone else hear of this or exsperienced the same?

08-14-2003, 07:13 AM
Have you checked the oil level on the dipstick :confused1

You probably will go thru a quart in a thousand miles or so as part
of breaking in the engines/rings .

The shaking doesn't sound good - anytime you get that oil warning light you need to check your oil level right away.
I don't know if the H2 has a DIC like in the C5 but if it does I would then watch the oil pressure to see if it was dropping or running really low. A couple of years ago my oil warning message came on in the Vette ( I think mine is pretty sensitive and the motor never had any lifter noise etc ) anyway, I added a half
quart and the warning came back up 10 minutes later. I stopped,
checked the oil level which was fine and then started it back up.
Ten minutes later the warning was back on so I just drove the rest of the way (200 miles) with the oil pressure displayed constantly and it stayed high as normal.
Anyway after I parked it, the computer etc seemed to heal itself
and its never come up again.
My motor never did shake or make noise though - that part is not good.
Good luck

08-26-2003, 04:38 PM
The oil level was fine if anything it was overfilled thats what the dealer told us also, they couldn't find anything else wrong with it they did a manual oil pressure test you know screw a gauge in to the block and they said it was higher than what the gauge on the dash read, they also said that the injectors doing a "vapor" lock kinda thing caused the engine shaking or soemthing like that
and they said that they are gonna replace the oil pressure sender switch and soo far it seems alright

08-27-2003, 05:38 AM
Well the oil pressure gauge directly into the block is the best way of checking oil pressure so hopefully you will be O.K.
I hope they drove it around a while because I had a problem with my Bronco losing oil pressure, I would stop, start it back up and the pressure would be fine. I know my dealer did the same test and had oil pressure for a while during their test drive, then suddenly it dropped to zero - hello new oil pump :nopity

The vapor lock story on current vehicles is a new one to me.Being old :cry I can remember vapor lock happening to cars in the 60's :smash

Good luck, I hope it's all fixed - keep us informed if the problem recurs :seeya