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2008 oem nav install no voice prompts!

11-19-2009, 09:52 AM
I bought off ebay and had Hendrick Hummer of Raleigh install for $350 an oem navigation system in my 2008 H2. Everything works fine except for the turn by turn voice prompts from the radio. The option is turned on but there is just total silence.
Hendrick removed it and checked all the wiring and reinstalled and reprogrammed the thing twice yesterday. They wanted to get a new one out of a new H2 on the lot and install it and program it and see if there is a problem with my radio but they wanted another $300 just to do that diagnosis. Can anyone please help on this. There must be a programing thing that is being missed. I am not totally against giving them the $300 but it would be nice to just tell them they missed something on the install.