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Recommendations for H2 supercharger

10-19-2009, 02:46 AM
Dear all

I am new to H2 as well as to this forum. I have got a H2, 2005 production with the vortec 6L,V8 engine. I am looking for a full kit supercharger with the best price tag, after sales service, clear installation instructions, and performance. Kindly please provide me with your recommendations. Direct urls will be the most helpful. I am located in Singapore and this kit will be delivered to Singapore and installed here.

What are the items included in the common superchargers packages? Some has option to change injectors? I am lost.

I read in various forum that installing the supercharger will raise a concern for the automatic transmission because of the additional torque. Will tranny oil cooler be the ultimate solution or is there better?

I understand that with the supercharger upgrade, it is recommended to upgrade the intercooler, exhaust as well?

Appreciate any feedback and contributions to my quest for the correct supercharger. Thanks a million and have a great week ahead.



02-15-2010, 08:08 AM
I am contemplating on the Vortech setup right now with the Jet Chips Transmission Power Shift chip and module.

Anybody knows the differences between the V-3 SCi-Trim and V-2 SQ Si-Trim?

Here's the Power Shift:

Is it really necessary?

Finally, the stick H2 has a speed limitation of 160km/hr. Will the supercharger kit overcome this problem?

Appreciate the help.

Can anyone point me to a reliable and fair price for the Magnason setup?

Thank you.
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Mistriu fase
08-18-2014, 01:52 AM
Yeah,i checked your recommendation and the submitted link about it,all the advise about the H2 are really true and very awesoem to know about it.I have a personal experience of 7 year in the automotive field and know well about the cars bu these recommendation i saw first time so it increase my knowledge about it.